We all get stuck at some point in our lives - 
everyone struggles with feelings of isolation, confusion, depression, and loss - you are not alone. Counseling can be a place to explore these experiences, gain insight, and restore a sense of hope and connection that was once lost. Whatever you may be experiencing in your life, whatever has brought you here, welcome.


Mosaic Counseling Collective exists to help support you in pursuing the things that make for a good quality of life so that you can experience greater connection to yourself and to others in your community. We are a diverse group of counselors and social justice oriented in our commitment to providing quality mental health counseling and consultation services for individuals, couples, groups, and organizations.

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All peoples are impacted by destructive systems of oppression. Whether this exists in our family, community, or country - suffering is active and pervasive in the world around us. We believe the transformation and healing we long for in ourselves as individuals is deeply connected to addressing the harm in our larger communities. Growing our awareness of how oppression is operating in the world can be a starting point for change.

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